What is the preaching and teaching like at West End Baptist Church?

Our primary aim for the teaching and preaching is to ensure that it is biblical. It is a glorious truth that God has spoken (in words!) and has preserved this revelation through the ages for us today in the Bible. The great news about the Bible is that, despite the fact that it has been around for thousands of years, it is still completely relevant for today. Thus, our aim in preaching and teaching is to first explain the timeless truths of God's Word and then to apply those truths to our lives today. On Sunday mornings, our practice is to preach week by week in an expository way (verse by verse) through books of the Bible. In our community groups, we use various methods in our studies, from understanding what the Bible has to say about a particular topic to reading Christian books together. Regardless of the method, however, we are always seeking to submit ourselves to God in faith by asking, "What does the Lord teach us about this subject in His Word?"

What is West End Baptist Church's style of worship like?

First, we have to say that worship is not confined to Sunday morning. As Christians, our hope, trust, and joy in Jesus is to characterize every day of the week for us! With that being said, we recognize that most people are referring to music when they ask this question. Our style of "musical worship" is a contemporary blend: it is contemporary in that the music is a style that is popular with today's general public; it is blended in that we do not limit ourselves to praising God with one specific style of music. We believe that God has indicated in His Word that we are to praise Him with scriptural psalms, theological hymns, and praise songs. Thus in our services, we praise God musically using the words of Scripture, with rich hymns that are centuries old, as well as the new songs of worship written by His people today. Together these remind us that the "faith delivered once for all to the saints" is rooted in ages past and yet still as alive and vibrant today as our resurrected and living Lord.

What is the appropriate dress for attending a worship service or Bible study at West End Baptist Church?

Feel free to join us in whatever you would wear out to a public gathering. You are welcome in blue jeans, shorts, a coat and tie, business casual, a dress, etc. You'll find this wide range of style among our members if you visit on a Sunday morning. We believe that God's concern is primarily with the inward appearance of the heart, rather than with the outward appearance of our clothes.

Is there a singles ministry at West End Baptist Church?

While are aware that singles have specific needs, it is our philosophy that these needs are best met by their active participation in the ministry and fellowship of the corporate body of Christ. So while we do not technically have a "singles ministry," we certainly have a ministry for singles! They are as vital a part of our fellowship and ministry as the largest family in our church. We shun the stigma that society often places on singleness, and rather embrace it as one of the greatest opportunities to serve God because of the freedom which singles possess.

How is West End Baptist Church's attention focused towards families with children?

We place a strong emphasis on children, and we have many of them! Children are never looked down upon and are never ignored. It is our aim as a church to help parents as they fulfill their responsibility of raising their children in a Christ-like manner. We believe that it is important to equip parents to disciple their children, and to keep them aware of what is being taught to their children in our Kids' Club classes. Our desire is to see parents and children come together and grow spiritually as a family unit.

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