What does it mean for us to be the church? In what ways has God specifically called us to be in this city for His glory? In this series on who we are, we take a look at what it means for us to be a church that is gospel-centered, community-committed, and mission-conscious.

Title Scripture Speaker Date
DNA: We are Mission-Conscious Matthew 28:18-20 Rayshawn Graves 2018-09-23
DNA: We are Community-Committed Acts 2:42-47 Rayshawn Graves 2018-09-16
DNA: We are Gospel-Centered 1 Corinthians 15:1-5 Rayshawn Graves 2018-09-09
DNA: We are Family, Servants, Missionaries, Disciples Acts 2:42-47 Rayshawn Graves 2018-09-02