Men's Ministry

God calls men to vital roles of leadership in the church and in the home.

Sadly, men are often absent from both. Even when they are present physically, they are often absent emotionally and spiritually. We aim to be a church where, with God's help, men are stepping forward into these leadership roles to serve for the good of others. We believe that families and churches flourish when this is the case, and as such our men's ministry is aimed toward this end.

All men are invited to join us for our monthly men's gathering, which we playfully call "Wings, Zings, and Manly Theological Things". One Friday night each month, our men meet together in one of our members' homes to enjoy some tasty chicken wings, give each other some good-natured "zings" and sharpen each other through discussion of biblically-oriented topics of importance to us as Christian men.

Men's Ministry - West End Baptist Church